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Introducing Wood Dust Designer Maker

For the woodworking enthusiast and emerging designer maker, developing strong design skills is challenging. Wood Dust recognises this challenge and so we offer our new event – Wood Dust Designer Maker. Held at Melbourne’s newest makerspace FAB9 in Footscray, Designer Maker explores the art of design for woodworking and the processes of fine craftsmanship.

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Luke Kallquist—Cool, calm and collected

It takes a special kind of lunatic to make guitars, and then go try to make a living out of it. Luke Kallquist is a leading Australian Luthier specialising in traditionally inspired acoustic guitars that have that “played in” sound and feel of the highly sought-after vintage instruments.

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Best Job In the World

Technical Advisor at Lee Valley Tools, Vic Tesolin reflects on his first trip to Australia and why he is excited to come back for Wood Dust.

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Dunstone Design: Australian fine furniture making at its best

Evan Dunstone’s workshop at Dunstone Design is one of the finest woodworking workshops in the country. Home to an impressive set of machines over 650 square metres of floorspace, the workshop come alive for the Wood Dust Masterclasses where the likes of Michael Fortune, Andy Buck, Matt Kenny, Bern Chandley, Vic Tesolin and Thomas Lie Nielsen will all be rubbing shoulders while they make, teach, demonstrate and amaze with their lifetime commitment to the craft.

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Build It And They Will Come

Wood Dust creators John Madden and Evan Dunstone have always felt that woodworking shows could be a more diverse experience than what they presently are. From driving through American farmlands past endless corn silos and barns, to playing baseball with two Canadians, John reflects on his journey to find the perfect woodworking show and how the concept of Wood Dust was born.

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Matt Kenney; the work, the man, and his beard…

As a youngster, Matt Kenney focused his attention on building tree forts and skate board ramps, but about 20 years ago Matt began to make furniture in earnest and is now an accomplished maker and feature writer for American Fine Woodworking magazine. John Madden tells the story of his chance meeting with Matt Kenney at a trade show in Atlanta Georgia, that ultimately led to Matt’s upcoming trip to Australia and participation in the Wood Dust Festival.

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A unique approach: The work of Andy Buck

Andy Buck is a furniture maker, sculptor and educator whose work revels in the sheer “fun” of making, projecting his furniture into a different dimension. John Madden reflects on the work of Andy Buck and unpacks his unique style of sculptural woodworking and approach to furniture design.

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Woodworking is a Journey: The work of Michael Fortune

Since starting his woodworking journey in the 1970s, Michael Fortune has gone on to be one of Canada’s most respected and creative contemporary furniture masters. John Madden reflects on the first time he saw Michael’s work, and ponders the driving forces behind Michael’s success and his woodworking journey through to today.

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