We have just been advised that due to unforeseen family circumstances, ‘The Wood Whisperer’ Marc Spagnuolo is no longer able to attend Wood Dust in October 2018 and has withdrawn from the event.

We are happy to say that Marc and family are all fine. With a full schedule and young children, Marc has decided that making the trip to Australia is too difficult at this time.

Wood Dust apologises for any inconvenience caused by Marc’s decision to withdraw, and offer a refund to patrons who have purchased tickets to “A Makers Life” Yarn where Marc was scheduled to appear. Please contact us at hello@wooddustaustralia.com to discuss.

We will be updating the Wood Dust website in the coming days to reflect this change to our schedule. Please stay tuned for updates and new special guest announcements as we continue to expand the Wood Dust lineup.

We look forward to seeing you in October.

John Madden
Evan Dunstone
Wood Dust Australia