Designer Maker Masterclasses

A Wood Dust Designer Maker Masterclass is the ideal way for you to gain new skills or strengthen existing ones. Save yourself the frustration of battling it out alone in the workshop reinventing the wheel: a masterclass will help you streamline your learning experience.

Lead by one of our Masters, Wood Dust Designer Maker Masterclasses will be intimate, informative and inspirational. Book your Masterclass today.

Three-day Masterclasses

A Wood Dust Three Day Masterclass ticket is your All Access VIP pass to Wood Dust Designer Maker.

Reed Hansuld

Chair Design Masterclass

Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th August

Reed Hansuld is a Canadian furniture and product designer maker based out of Brooklyn, New York. His work focuses on finding balance between functionality, high quality craft and modern values. Reed will host a three-day Masterclass where participants will be led through a series of workshops and critiques to develop a resolved chair design. The focus will be developing strategies for working through the ergonomic, structural and aesthetic considerations of designing a seating object.

Vic Tesolin

Design for Woodworking Masterclass

Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th August

Vic Tesolin is a Canadian furniture designer and maker, writer and woodworking educator. Vic will host a three-day Masterclass that will equip participants with techniques for developing their own fundamental design skills and processes flexible enough to approach a number of woodworking and furniture design challenges. Join Vic, and he will encourage you to use your “creative license”, a license that we all have but don’t always know how to tap into.

Two-day Masterclasses


Bern Chandley offers an intimate Two Day Masterclass exploring the fundamentals of his work as a designer maker.

One-day Masterclasses

Don’t have time for a Three-day or Two-day Masterclass? Then check out Designer Maker’s offering of One-day Masterclasses.

David Haig

Shape it Up with David Haig

Sunday 11th August

David Haig is an internationally renowned furniture maker from Nelson, New Zealand. His work includes the ‘Monogram’ rocking chair and more recently ‘Folium No.3’ that won the major prize at AWR’s Studio Furniture 2018 exhibition. Both of these pieces express David’s extraordinary attention to detail, in particular his sculptural treatment of joinery. Join David Haig for his ‘Shape it Up’ one-day masterclass and let David show you the techniques he has developed and mastered for shaping and detailing around joinery.

Carol Russell

Spoon Carving Masterclass

Saturday 10th August

Carol Russell is a self-taught woodworker who has been making pieces for most of her adult life. Today the main focus of her work is on carving beautiful wooden spoons and teaching from her studio in the inner-city suburb of Paddington, Brisbane. Carving is a great way to discover the beauty of wood and the satisfaction of using quality tools. A hand carved object can be as imaginative as you want it to be, the secret is to let the features of the wood determine the design. Join Carol Russell on a journey into carving that explores the fundamentals of this harmonious and expressive craft.

Carol Russell

Wood Finishing Masterclass

Sunday 11th August

We all put so much effort into whatever we are making, but so often our work is let down by poor finishing. These poor results are usually due to a lack of finishing knowledge and experience that is further exacerbated with all the wipe on finishes on the market that are designed to take the skill out of wood finishing. This Wood Finishing Masterclass with Carol Russell is a great opportunity to go back and look at the basic materials and techniques of wood finishing and build a new level of skill.

Bern Chandley & Ross Annels

Steam-bending Masterclass

Saturday 10th August

The dynamic duo are back! Bern Chandley and Ross Annels are two of Australia’s most interesting and diverse furniture makers. Bern is a chairmaker specialising in contemporary interpretations of Windsor Chairs. Ross is a studio furniture maker, multi-media artist and sculptor who is also co-director of the Cooroora Institute in Queensland.

Together Bern and Ross offer you a one-day Steam Bending Masterclass. During this masterclass participants will learn the intricacies of steam bending, use a variety of steam bending equipment and explore the bending on an array of exotic timber species. Learn how to make the perfect steam bending jig to achieve the shape you want. Join Bern and Ross for this exciting steam bending experience.

Ross Annels

Design Meets Sculpture: Techniques for Designing and Making Sculptural Furniture

Sunday 11th August

Ross Annels is a celebrated studio artist and furniture maker who works from the Cooroora Institute in the Noosa Hinterland on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Join Ross Annels for this one-day Design Meets Sculpture Masterclass and explore the expressive side of design for furniture making. This class is an introduction to a range of advanced techniques for creating and joining furniture elements in a sculptural way. You will sketch, dream, talk, model, and examine techniques including stack-lamination, power carving, steam and laminated bending, coopering, turning, unorthodox joinery, burning and painting to achieve sculptural forms that also serve a functional purpose.

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