Bern Chandley & Ross Annels 1-day Masterclass

Steam-Bending Masterclass SOLD OUT!

Saturday 10th August

About the Masterclass

The dynamic duo are back! Join Ross Annels and Bern Chandley as they explain the intricacies of steam-bending timber. Ross and Bern will demonstrate different steaming equipment and compare the bending qualities of various domestic and exotic timber species. These highly experienced steam-benders will show you how to create the perfect steam bending jig to achieve the shape you want. Ross and Bern will explain how to anticipate spring back and how best to control fibre damage on a bent component. Participants will be shown how to select the most appropriate combination of materials, equipment, jigs and forms to achieve a range of steam bending tasks. This workshop will involve demonstrations as well as hands-on elements.

Participants will learn an approach to working with timber steaming equipment. Ross and Bern are both highly experienced chair makers and there will be an emphasis on large section bending, however the course will also cover strategies for bending smaller components such as musical instrument sides and Shaker Boxes.

This course is perfect for anyone wishing to understand the theory and practice of steam-bending. Suitable for all levels of woodworker – only 14 places available so purchase your ticket today.

Your ticket includes:

  • All basic equipment and materials required to complete the course
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea on the day
  • Entry to both days of the Wood Dust Timber & Tool Marketplace

The Steam Bending 1-day masterclass will be held at FAB9, 90 Maribyrnong Street Footscray, Melbourne on Saturday the 10th of August 2019.

Included in your ticket price is entry to both days of the Wood Dust Timber and Tool marketplace.This event is held in areas adjacent to the FAB9 workshops.

All meals, materials and basic equipment are supplied, and participants are provided with a recommended tools list covering the more specific tools required. Each day starts at 9.00am sharp and concludes at 5.00pm. Morning and afternoon tea served at 11.00am and 3.00pm respectively. Lunch served at 1.00pm for 45 minutes. Please advise of any dietary requirements.

Students to wear sturdy clothing, covered shoes and bring their own personal eye and hearing protection equipment. Please arrive 30 minutes early on Saturday the 10th for registration and induction.

Once you purchase your 1-day Masterclass ticket you will receive within 24 hours an email from our sales department confirming your purchase. Before the class commences, you will also receive a 1 Day Masterclass manual which sets out all the background information on the Masterclass covering transport options and parking, equipment and PPE, safety and contacts.

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