Air Woodworker Tournament

Love woodworking? Want to have some fun and win great prizes? Then enter the Wood Dust Air Woodworker Tournament at the Timber & Tool Marketplace!

Confused? Watch the Air Woodworker video below

About Air Woodworking

What is Air Woodworking?

Air Woodworking is a little like Air Guitar, but rather than strutting the stage like a make-believe Jimi Hendrix, you’re now a Sam Maloof or a Michael Fortune carving it up at the bench. Yep, get up on stage, and show us your best woodworking moves…

How does it work?

Air Woodworking is simple. Download the short Air Woodworking audio track below. Work out a set of woodworking moves based on the sounds and practice.

The Tournament will be held on Saturday 20th October at 1:30pm at the Wood Dust Timber & Tool Marketplace at the Performance Stage. Get up on stage and show us your chops.

Our team of esteemed Air Woodworking Judges will assess your moves and through a series of rounds we will find Australia’s inaugural Air Woodworking Champion.

How to enter?

To enter the Air Woodworking Tournament simply sign up using the form below or come along on Saturday 20th October to the Wood Dust Timber & Tool Marketplace and sign up on the day at the Performance Stage—entries open at noon.

How to win?

To win Air Woodworking you need to interpret the sounds in the audio track (handsaw, mallet & chisel, hand plane, bandsaw, drill press, small chisel) and develop a groovy routine of moves that suits. But don’t stop there, think out the spaces between the woodworking sounds, how can you use that time also? After all, there are always jobs to be done in the workshop like sharpening a chisel or cleaning the floor. These extra moves will win you extra points.

What can I win?

At risk of making a slight fool out of yourself, you’ll have a chance at winning a first-place prize pack valued at $1000 courtesy of Promac Tools. Prizes by Capital Brewing will also be on offer. Further details to be released so sign up and stay tuned.

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