At the Timber & Tool Marketplace

The Wood Dust Timber & Tool Marketplace offers you the chance to take in a free woodworking demonstration or be part of a more in depth woodworking workshop with one of our Australian or international woodworking guests.

Workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday at The Rotunda at the Wood Dust Timber & Tool Marketplace. Workshop tickets include entry to the Timber & Tool Marketplace.

Spoon Carving

with Carol Russell

Two classes:
Saturday 20th October, 10.00am – 3.00pm and
Sunday 21st October, 10.00am – 3.00pm

Carving spoons is a great way to discover the beauty of wood and the satisfaction of using quality tools. A hand carved spoon can be as imaginative as you want it to be, the secret is to let the features of the wood determine the design. Carol Russell chooses to carve spoons because she loves their sensuous, smooth shapes. To her, they represent giving, sharing and hospitality. A spoon can be used to serve food or given as a gift, they can be both sculptural and utilitarian.

This Spoon Carving Workshop with Carol Russell is an introduction to spoon carving through safely using carving tools such as hook knives, chisels, spokeshaves and whittling knives. You will be working with seasoned salvaged timber and will explore basic carving techniques as well as design, timber characteristics, tool sharpening and wood finishing. You will take at least one hand carved spoon home with you.

Your ticket includes entry to the Wood Dust Timber & Tool Marketplace.

Join Carol for this special spoon carving experience. Only 8 places available in each class, all materials and equipment provided.

Saturday workshop:

Sunday workshop:

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